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One of the most satisfying ways to become part of our community is to help out. We typically need help with set up and with tearing down. Volunteer greeters receive two free dances—one on the day they greet, plus one more. Other ways of volunteering occasionally crop up in connection to special events, and are announced in our closing circle.


As PCD develops we will have larger roles to fill, such as becoming a member of PCD, being a part of the board, or helping ensure that Sunday dances run smoothly from week to week. These details will be announced when the time comes.



Welcome to Portland Community Dance!


We are a community-run organization, welcoming you to delight in dance, movement, music and connection by joining us on scheduled Sundays from 10:15 am - 12:15 pm for two hours of DJ’ed music.


$10 per dance pays for the DJ, the rental, and insurance. That said, no one who wants to dance will be turned away for lack of resources.

We dance every 2nd and 4th Sunday unless weather or venue availability necessitates a change; please refer to our Calendar to confirm dates!




  • Masks indoors are optional (policy subject to change as required).

  • Neither COVID vaccination nor proof of the same is required.

  • Please do not attend dance if you have had a recent COVID exposure, have any current symptoms, or if you are simply not feeling well. Covid, flu and RSV are all contagious respiratory diseases, so please help keep our community healthy.



  • PCD Dances are adult events; dancers must be at least 18 years of age to attend
    (and no children or babies in tow, please).


At Portland Community Dance we provide space, music, and community. We support dancers to move in whatever ways they are inspired. Our DJs create atmosphere with their music selection, but there is no instruction. Together we weave and share the dance.


WE support you to dance freely and improvisationally. We invite your body soul and spirit to connect, and move in what ever way inspires you: dip in, dive, flow, float, gyrate, hop, flit, grind, roll, pray, investigate, experiment, surrender, shimmy, shiver, laugh and cry, and honor your need for connection or solitude. No training, ideology or specific dance style is required, taught or expected.


Self-expression in dance and movement comes naturally to some, but may be intimidating to newcomers. PCD honors you where you are, and encourages you to do the same. Going to an internal place is natural and many dancers rest or leave the floor from time to time to moderate or deepen that experience.


AWARENESS: We ask that dancers maintain awareness. Non-verbal communication through eye contact, facial expression, physical proximity and/or touch is a natural part of the dance experience. Though we ask that conversation be kept to a minimum, please trust your instincts and always feel free to say "no" if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. Likewise we ask that you honor the signals of your fellow dancers as they explore the shifting landscape of their own boundaries. Be patient with yourself in this new environment. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming.


PARTNERING AND CONTACT IMPROVISATION: You may notice that many (but not all) dancers partner with one another by giving and receiving their body weight as part of their dance expression. This dance is called improvisational partner dancing or contact improvisation. Many members of our community have strong backgrounds with this dance modality, and at times it may feel prominent on the dance floor. If it is new to you and you find it intimidating or distracting, please pull into your senses and move to a part of the room that feels safe and good. If however, you find yourself intrigued, or even wanting to learn more about Contact Improv, you can communicate that non-verbally to a willing partner, or ask after the dance about local opportunities for training in that modality.

How to Express Boundaries on the Dance Floor: If you feel challenged by the prospect of declining an invitation to dance, or by the prospect of asking someone to dance and receiving a “no,” you are not alone! Saying or receiving a “no” can be awkward, especially in a non-verbal setting like the dance floor. It can make us feel all sorts of things. Our invitation to you is to come to dance ready to “lean in” to the aliveness of these feelings, to feel them and move them with dance rather than fear them.

Solo Bracelet: The Solo Bracelet is a silicon bracelet available at the check-in table that you can wear during any portion of the dance to signify “I am here to dance alone.” While wearing this bracelet, please refrain from dancing with others, and please don’t forget to return the bracelet before you leave!

The Heartful No: The Heartful No is a simple hand gesture with one hand over your heart, and the other hand's palm facing out (like gesturing “stop”) that communicates “No, thank you” or “I’m done, thank you.” You can use this gesture at any time, either to decline an invitation to dance or to end a dance. We encourage you to stay connected to your body and use the power of “no” as many times as you would like during any dance. 

Whether you dance on your own, with others, or in between, you and your dance are welcome here. Our hope is you will join us just as you are.



  • Please keep conversation to a bare minimum on the dance floor.

  • Quiet conversation is welcome in the sitting area.

  • Bring water and hydrate as needed.

  • Most dancers dance barefoot, but clean non-scuffing shoes are welcome (no street shoes).

  • Please keep personal belongings off the dance floor.

  • We don’t have a formal lost-and-found; please check for and retrieve all of your belongings before you leave.

  • We have a first-aid kit on site. If you need a first-aid item or have a medical emergency, you can let the greeter or DJ or a fellow dancer know and they will assist you.

  • Please keep in mind that PCD dancers dance at their own risk, and all dancers sign a liability waiver.

  • In our brief closing circle, we limit announcements to PCD business.

  • You are welcome to bring flyers and announcements to share before and after dance as well as post events on our FB page.       

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