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DJ 007

I am a dancer, Certified JourneyDance Facilitator & lucky assistant to teacher trainings, and DJ. I wanna live in a world where music, dancing, and ‘being you’ leads to more joy and makes the world a brighter place.  On the surface, my work is about music and dance. But really, it’s about inspiring a deep curiosity of movement, creative expression, and freedom. 


I come to the dance and music to FEEL, so in my can expect an evocative quality to the flow. I dig powerful lyrics and a wide range of organic, funky, gritty, tribal, uplifting, and always heart-thumping and stirring mixes.

At Portland Community Dance I find a place to embody my truth. Through my DJ sets I hope to facilitate you embodying yours. Through dance my body becomes the translation of my spirit to the physical plane. It is in the music, yes, and it is in the particular way that this community creates space. I have been held when I soar, likewise when I wallow, and the richness of that expression is the opportunity I endeavor to create with every set. I consider my work a success if I have heard someone laugh out loud and have watched someone cry. I value variety in styles, in instrumentation, in familiarity, and in obscurity. I hope that my sets bring you to the depths of despair and the heights of ecstasy. No big deal.


DJ Barrel Roll Over the Falls

DJ Honeydew

DJ Honeydew (Mary Ellen D.) has been DJing since the early days of Portland Community Dance (2012) and over the years has studied various dance forms including jazz, modern, ballet, African, belly dance, ecstatic dance & 5-Rhythms. She loves music from all cultures and infuses her sets with unique sounds she hopes will surprise and delight dancers. British pop music is one of her guilty pleasures. Her earliest dance memories are of her father spinning her around in wild polkas before bedtime. In another life, she would be an Andean pan piper.

Ever since adolescence, music has provided me a gateway through which deeper feeling states, emotional truths, and glimpses of the transcendent divine can be experienced. I see movement and dance as a vehicle for personal and social transformation and so am drawn to choose music with a lot of texture; earthy ground, levity, silliness, spaciousness, and density. DJ’ing at PCD is an honor and a highlight of my life and I’m grateful for the direction and tutelage from PCD’s DJs that have taught me the wave format and got me started with DJ skills. 

Jason Ames headshot_edited.jpg



DJ Mudita

When I DJ, my highest aspiration is to support our community through the transformational power of dance. I hope to inspire dynamic movement, play, honesty, curiosity and connection in the dance. I’m drawn to uniquely layered rhythms, sound that evokes stories, and songs that invite the full experience and embodiment of all our dimensions. I also care deeply about how we as humans experience space around us and the ground below us—and therefore incorporate artists who help us to connect with this musically. In addition to DJ’ing, I teach a somatic approach to improvisational dance.

Bio coming soon!


DJ Pika



Kellie (Dj KA) started her life in a house filled with music and a father who asked of her to listen with her deep heart to the poetry and the sound and to feel so alive in the art of another. So when she picks music to support the dance, she is picking the soundtrack of a shared life, of community, finding the places we come together and fall apart. Dj KA chooses music from an array of genres. Afro-cuban to modern electronic sounds, to lyrical and hypnotic. World music to Pop. Her name, KA, meaning the twin body, the energetic body, that gets illuminated and stronger when we find ecstatic states in our expression. Her intention is to strengthen the community's KA woken up in the dance.

Chloe’s sets are a diverse mixture of music. She would describe her musical style as

playful, rich, raw, melodic, tribal, deep, funky, eclectic and fun! Chloe particularly

loves music with beautiful melody, whether it’s by itself or over a deep beat. She

loves collecting music from all over the world and piecing it together in such a way

that will allow you as a dancer to explore and discover new ways in which your

body wants to move and your spirit wants reveal itself through that movement.




Aside from being a dancer and DJ, Chloe is also a fine artist ( and works as a web and graphic designer ( here in Portland, Maine.


DJ Sparkle

Bio coming soon!

Designer of deep, dank, grit-infused grooves peppered with playfulness, DJ Bronwyn Bliss is never afraid to go deep. If a song calls to the animal body system, it’s in.  Miss Bliss chooses music driven with complexity in a full spectrum of genres. She is known as a teacher, artist, henna lady, blackbird, trickster… Born into a perplexing world where strength is suspect, Bronwyn (white raven) is keen to harness music that will facilitate your core process, support your shadow work, and help you dance your soul clean. Limitation is an illusion; the only requirement is to show up.


Bronwyn Bliss

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